Saturday, February 28, 2009


Momentum is like a snowball--just as likely to melt as it is to build speed!

My momentum has had a meltdown of sorts. Who knew that February would be such a busy month? A week-long vacation and a visit from family and Poof--February is suddenly March. Wow.

But, much to my own surprise, I have managed to complete my monthly goals. In all honesty, I will probably complete February's final goal during the first week of March--but I can live with that.

Just like I seem to be living with writing. It is becoming a natural part of my day, my week and my month. It seems natural to clear my desk, jot down my list of goals and go to bed knowing that the next day will be productive. I am pleased with my progress, which helps my momentum, thus increasing my production!

We should never underestimate the value of clearly defined goals.


  1. I totally agree. Good for you for accomplishing what you set out to do, even with the business of LIFE. Keep it up, and keep your positive attitud!

  2. Oops...attitude. I do know how to spell. :-)

  3. Yea for you for accomplishing what you set out to do even with the added family fun. And good for you for taking time for R&R with your loved ones. Hope March is productive as well!