Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep Knocking

I have a wonderful group of online writer friends. What started out as a blog for a group of classmates has turned into my writing haven. I have never met one of them in person (hopefully this will change soon), but I rush to my computer to share with them the ups and downs of this profession. They don't judge, they are willing to help sort out ideas and thoughts, they get it when I am disappointed and most of all, they celebrate when I have a success.

My online writing group has become a huge source of inspiration. I want to share with you how a conversation went today on our blog:

Writer 1 (a freelancer who has been published at the national level more than once): I keep pounding on doors at this [national] level. So far, I've been greeted with loud silence.

Writer 2's Response: If we don't knock, there's no hope a door will open.

I love this conversation because it is inspiring, it is simple and it is so true.

If you stop knocking, you'll never know what could of been.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conversation With a Regional Editor

I had the pleasure of speaking with a regional editor last week. She revealed some interesting information that I thought all of you writer-moms might like to hear!

She told me that she loves local writers and that one of her goals each month is to include as many local writers as possible. (Do I need to say here, if you have a local parenting magazine, contact the editor NOW!)? She mentioned that she enjoys working with writers at all stages in their careers, but she absolutely will not tolerate...(drum roll please)...

writers who consistently do not make their deadlines

Did you get that? She did NOT say, " I refuse to work with writers who consistently omit commas, or I won't work with anyone who hasn't had 10 articles published already." She said that she won't work with people who don't meet their deadlines.

WOW. Now that is a revealing statement. To be a writer for this editor, you must do the work in a timely fashion.

What a glorious thing to know.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Am A Writer. Aren't I?

Anyone ever ask you what you do for a living? Have you ever had trouble answering?

Being a writer takes a lot of confidence. Telling people you are a writer takes even more.

But the question is WHY? Why is it so hard to say, "I am a writer."

There is nothing glamorous about the day-to-day task of writing. It can be difficult, often is demanding and frequently intimidating. What job isn't? I think we stumble because we are self-employed and virtually going at it alone.

I finally prepared an answer for times when people ask me my occupation.

"I am a writer," I say to the dental hygienist.

"What do you write?" he asks (they always ask that next).

"I write magazine articles about parenting and my life as a military spouse. I currently write for KC Parent, Military Spouse Magazine and any other publication that will buy an article from me," I say, laughing a little about that last part (though it's true).

I feel better knowing what to say when someone asks me these questions. What about you? Do you stumble over the fact that you are a writer? How do you answer when someone asks your occupation?

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I believe in signs. Not the kind you find on the side of the highway, but the kind you receive while charting a course.


I've had my eye on fiction writing class for children for some time. It starts next on October 15. Should I take the class? I was not confident that I could give enough of my time to make it worth the money. So I didn't register. I waited for a "sign" to let me know if it was the right decision for me.

I got a sign. Almost simultaneously, my relationship with two different editors began to jive. I began getting assignments. My inbox was suddenly full. I realized I should follow the advice of my mentor and focus on doing one thing and learning to do it better and better (article writing) instead of spreading myself too thin.

Signs are all around us, we just have to be willing to see them. Are you open to seeing what is happening around you and using it to advance your career?