Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep Knocking

I have a wonderful group of online writer friends. What started out as a blog for a group of classmates has turned into my writing haven. I have never met one of them in person (hopefully this will change soon), but I rush to my computer to share with them the ups and downs of this profession. They don't judge, they are willing to help sort out ideas and thoughts, they get it when I am disappointed and most of all, they celebrate when I have a success.

My online writing group has become a huge source of inspiration. I want to share with you how a conversation went today on our blog:

Writer 1 (a freelancer who has been published at the national level more than once): I keep pounding on doors at this [national] level. So far, I've been greeted with loud silence.

Writer 2's Response: If we don't knock, there's no hope a door will open.

I love this conversation because it is inspiring, it is simple and it is so true.

If you stop knocking, you'll never know what could of been.


  1. Love that you posted this here! Thanks, Julie, for this blog and for being an active member of our group. I, too, am grateful.

  2. Me, too! My productivity and ability to deal with setbacks would be greatly decreased if it weren't for our group.

  3. You're a sweetie! And we will all meet soon, right? Our WPSS Writers conference weekend/thingie... hee-hee! We should really get the plans rolling so it doesn't pass us by.