Friday, April 3, 2009


Epiphany: an intuitive discovery or realization (thanks, Webster's)

I love epiphanies. I had one today.

I write a monthly column about a topic that is very far removed from my life right now. I hang on to the column for many reasons 1--one clip a month, 2--working with an editor, 3--working on my craft, 4--income. However, I struggle. I struggle with making the column exciting, I struggle because I know I could do better, and I struggle because I know my peers are reading that very column every month. 

In comes my epiphany.

My focus has been entirely too narrow. I have taken a few key words and zoomed in on them like a bull's eye on a target. I have not allowed myself to create because I am too worried about being creative.

I am about to write my best column for this magazine yet. 

Do you focus too closely on key words? Do you allow your view to become so narrow that you don't see the big picture? If so, I hope your epiphany is on its way! 

Better yet, how do you AVOID getting too focused on a certain word or key words? How do you bring the "big picture" into your writing?


  1. Insightful. I used to write completely random poetry used mostly as therapy and found that when I sat down for the purpose of writing, I never could. It was only when I had real inspiration that prose seemed to flow from the pen and, sometimes, quite eloquently on the page. So, there, I agree, and I read your blog. Keep it up! (Greg D.)

  2. Julie, Yes, MA is wonderful. My nephew flew in from AZ last Friday to spend Easter vacation with us. We hit the Freedom Trail early. Good times, good times. I think he would prefer the wii. Take care, and best of luck with your new column. Can't wait to read it!

  3. Julie, I agree. I find I write my best when it is a natural extension of my personality, not forced into a preform box. Good luck!