Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ebb and Flow

As I begin this post, I am chuckling to myself. What I have to say today is somehow tied to my earlier post "Balancing Act."

Today, I feel calm. I feel like my writing is taking on a natural ebb and flow. My goals and responsibilities are achievable if I refuse to allow stress to overtake me. I can play with my kids, write a spur-of-the-moment essay (and submit it), turn in my monthly Military Spouse column (before the deadline), complete my assignments in writing class and do the laundry. Heck, I've even watched Twilight twice this week.

I firmly believe that, when we are where we are supposed to be, that there truly is a natural ability to achieve. I am not suggesting that we can sit on our bums watching soaps all day, waiting for inspiration to join us on the couch. I am suggesting that we really can achieve a balance in our lives if we don't fight against the natural rhythms of our current situation.

I like feeling this way. I will revisit this post when I get harried and bogged down with life's demands.

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  1. Ebb and Flow is a great image/feeling to acknowledge when it comes to being a writer-mama; I couldn't agree with you more. Balance can be forced or it can happen naturally and I think if we let it happen naturally it matches our rhythm like you said. This is when I am most productive with higher quality writing and greater enjoyment!