Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Slow Down

Other moms who write assure me that I am NOT alone--writing often slows down (or almost stops completely) when the kids are home in the summer. I am finding that I can handle the slow-down in production to hang out at the pool; however, I am not so thrilled that the momentum I was gaining in April has almost ground to a halt. In fact, it did grind to a halt, but I am working to get it back.

I am determined to learn a lesson from this summer's slack-off, and here is my game plan! I have started a "summer" folder. While this year's hard-learned lessons are still fresh, I am developing some achievable summer goals and putting them on paper. For example, I can search for homes for each of my essays that still reside only on my computer and submit those "leftovers" without the need for large chunks of writing time. My folder will also hold ideas for articles that can be written based on a compilation of previous research and interviews, so that much of the leg work is done ahead of time. My biggest goal is to have at least one "spare" query prepared before school is out that can be mailed as summer turns the corner into fall. 

What about you, are you experiencing the summer slow down? If so, how are you reclaiming your career? 

I challenge you to start preparing NOW for next summer's lazy days.


  1. I hear you Julie! In fact, as I write this, I'm on vacation looking at the ocean, and feeling so guilty that I haven't been keeping up my pace. I had such a great pace going by May and then-kaboom, 3 kids home and I'm trying to sneak into my office here and there. I'm doing mostly marketing this summer as opposed to writing, but I"m doing idea files too, and constantly scanning Writer's Market. I even hired a mother's helper so I could take a Writers' Digest webinar. Trying to stay fresh but it is so hard with the kids home! Then I keep reminding myself that the kids are only young once, and writing will be here forever so I should just go with the flow and have fun with, it's all a balancing act. You?

  2. Yep, in fact, I think I have a blog post by the title, "Balancing Act." I see my kids growing up so fast and I am 100% invested in being with them and not missing out. That is why freelance writing is such a blessing for me. HOWEVER, there is no need for me to start from scratch on the first day of school, so I needed to come up with a plan of some sort. Thanks for chiming in about how you keep up your momentum.