Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Novel Idea

I am a mom and a freelance writer. My freelancing takes up all of my "office time." This is very, very good, but not as impressive as you might think. My office time consists of approximately 9 hours a week if there are no school holidays, no-one is sick and I don't need to go anywhere without a child in tow. Unless you count random working hours such as the 20-minute interview I conducted on my cell phone in my car this week. Don't worry, I was parked.

But behind the freelance facade is the creative writer. Essays, fiction...when am I supposed to find time to get all of the other "stuff" in my brain down on paper.

Writers, how do you find time to write what pays the bills AND still follow your muse?


  1. After attending a conference and asking a novelist that same question, I sat down and made a schedule for myself. On specific days I am focused on creative writing, on other days the bread and butter. This is week one, but so far that helps me keep focus on both types of projects! (Of course this novelist doesn't have kids, so her breakdown was WAY different, but it still helped me see that both are possible.)

  2. I'm still waiting for the writing to pay the bills:)
    As far as the muse, I'm attempting Nanowrimo, so that will be my time for creativity. You?

  3. Hmmm. Thanks ladies. Kristine, my writing doesn't pay the bills, either--that would be my husband who does that! I like Liz's use of "bread and butter." I am earning more with the freelancing, so it is hard to set those paid gigs aside to write something that will probably litter my hard drive, possibly forever!!

    I lack confidence because I have never had any training in fiction writing. Anyway, thanks for the ideas and comments. Food for thought!

  4. OK, Julie, we're going to bound and gag you and drag you kicking into NaNo this year! Are you ready?? The marvelous thing is - no one ever has to read it! Even you - you can write like mad and follow your characters up down and around, plot twists or not, just finish it and breathe! Then, if you're brave, proceed to revision in December! ;)