Saturday, January 3, 2009

Balancing Act

I have taken the last week off from writing. And from real life, too! I am already dreading getting back into the routine Monday when school starts, hubby goes back to work and I am a part-time taxi driver, part-time writer once again. 

As I filled up my January calendar, I had the opportunity to ponder my priorities for 2009 & hopefully head off some of the stress that builds when I am in the midst of my juggling routine.

1--I am a wife and a mother first and those roles will always be most important to me. It is OK if I have to drop any other aspect of my life (temporarily) to be available for my husband and my children.

2--Exercise. I have to put exercise before writing because it is a matter of health for me. The more fit I feel, the more productive I am. This is a hard one for me because I'd rather be writing than exercising! However, I am certain if I plan well, I can fit both into my schedule.

3--Writing. I have enjoyed the beginnings of a new writing career in 2008 and I have no plans to slow down. In fact, I am entering 2009 organized, prepared and ready. I will continue to explore different avenues available to me so that, when my youngest starts kindergarten in 2010, I will be ready to be a full-time writer!

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