Thursday, January 8, 2009

Full Steam Ahead

I am ready for 2009. Have I mentioned this already? Today I solidified my goals, and I am ready to write.

I am relaxing about the niche because I have faith that with every single article and essay I write, I am honing in on my "thing." I am feeling really good about sampling different topics and genres. I am taking niche out of my vocabulary for a while. That's the last time I am going to say it. I promise. I am not even sure I like that word.

The best part--I feel like I am gaining momentum doing exactly what I should be doing. Writing.

How lucky that I can do so much from my own home, often with my 4-year-old in my lap or playing beside me and my 7-year-old begging to play Webkins on my computer. So much better than a cubicle with only a computer for company (been there, done that).

Ah, this is the life. Now if I could just get a response from that interview request...


  1. Julie,
    You hit it right on the head! Goals, writing, gratitude. It will keep you going like a rolling stone. And I will watch from my cubicle! (waiting for my night writing time)

  2. Julie, I tried to post a comment yesterday, but it wigged out and it was lost. Here's the jist: love the blog and good luck to you in continuing with it.
    My in-laws live in ABQ, Sandia Heights (NE) for the past 11 or 12 years. We visited lots when we lived only 4 hours away in El Paso but since moving back to New Orleans (7 years), then sabbatical and now Greenville...we haven't seen them much. We stopped by on the sabbatical and parked our big rig in their tiny driveway. The neighbors were wide-eyed : )
    Anyway, love it out there! Beautiful and dry. Just wanted to let you know that. My kids loved the Children's Museum! (Now they are 15 and 10) Kids will be out there for two weeks this summer. Nice break for hubby and me! Can you say "writing time?" I am just clicking on "post" next, b/c I think that is where I messed up last time...sorry for mistakes!!

  3. Way to go, Julie! You are inspiring.