Thursday, January 29, 2009

I HATE Interviews. I LOVE interviews.

I hate talking on the phone. It is a battle for me to pick up the phone & call a hotel to make a reservation.

Why? I DON"T KNOW! My hands get sweaty, I trip over my words.

So lets imagine how it is for me to schedule an interview and then have to conduct it. I get so nervous before hand that I could throw up. I hate the way my voice sounds on tape and I think it about it the entire time. I shake like a leaf just trying to dial the number.

Then I get started talking to the person I am interviewing. I learn so much. Sure, I am able to write an article much easier after speaking with an expert, but it is also a real time of growth for me.

Today I talked with Andi Grant, founder of Give2TheTroops. What an amazing person. She works full time and dedicates an unthinkable number of hours to her her organization each week. Talk about changing lives and being a motivational figure. Wow!

Find out how you can help Andi and thousands of other volunteers support our troops by visiting the website

I wish I could hang on to this euphoric feeling for my next interview...but I know that it will be more sweaty palms and shaky hands...


  1. It does get easier. Just have a list of questions ready so you can bring the conversation back or have a focus. Once they start talking about themselves, the interviewees relax and open up and so can you!

  2. I love that you admit being nervous, too! Just what I needed to read today...I bet that people BEING interviewed feel nervous, in some ways, too. Wondering if they really have anything worthwhile to say.